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Omega is one of the numerous sub sectors in the Calixis Sector – an Imperial sector in Segmentum Obscurus near the Halo Stars and the Eye of Terror. Conquered by Lord Militant Angevin a thousand years ago, the Calixis Sector contains many heavily populated and important worlds, though it lies a great distance from the Imperium’s heartland.

Omega is less populated than its neighbouring sectors and many of the planets are hostile and uninhabitable. Of the planets that do support life, most are of little value to the Imperium due to a lack of natural resources or strategic importance. What the Imperium do not know is that some of these barren planets were in fact once rich in resources and highly sought after by both the Eldar and Orks. After many centuries of war and then the relentless onslaught of chaos, these planets were abandoned and left to ruin centuries before the Imperium first settled the sector. Now the Eldar return to claim items once thought lost, but the Orks still remains, stubborn as ever.

A number of planets were successfully colonized by the Imperium around 2000 years ago and continue to prosper to this day. The majority of the planets are hive or industrial centres, taking advance of the rich deposits found under the planets surface. Around 200 years ago, reports started reaching Terra of rumours of Chaos on the outskirts of the sector. Over the decades, these rumours became more frequent and 85 years ago communication was lost with an entire planet. This prompted the Inquisition to dispatch a ship to investigate which was then followed by a clan from the Iron Hands chapter.

Locations Factions Army Lists
Alpha 12 Cult of the Undimming Steel
Clan Atticus of the Iron Hands Expeditionary Force
Craftworld Kel’karun
The Grey Guard (PDF)
Alpha 13 Dormar Swamp Guard

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