Clan Atticus of the Iron Hands


Clan Atticus is one of the few surviving clans of the Iron Hands Space Marine chapter. Following the death of the chapter’s revered Primarch Ferrus Manus during the battle of Isstvan V, the chapter was scattered and broken. Remaining commanders decided to form the Iron Council in order to organise what little strength remained within the chapter and out of this decision numerous clans were born, including Atticus. All of the clans act with the will of the Iron Council and are well known amongst the other Space Marine chapters for their ruthless efficiency at dealing with incursions which threaten the Imperium.

The commander of Clan Atticus is Captain Illian. A proud and ruthless commander, he was recruited into the Iron Hands from their homeworld of Medusa. He reminds many of the chapter of their Primach and some say he may even have visited the rumoured grave of their honoured leader on Mars. He will go to almost any length to “do what needs to be done”. One of his trusted advisors is Iron Father Invictus who sits as the clans representative on the Iron Council. Invictus is seen by many to be more sympathetic to the plight of the citizens of the Imperium, but still recognises the need to deal with the ever growing threat of Chaos, Orks and Tyranids that threaten the order of the Imperium. Like his fellow marines, he will stop at nothing to eradicate his enemies.

Currently Clan Atticus is assigned to sub sector Omega of the Calixis Sector. They were dispatched by the Iron Council to help curb the advancing Chaos force from the Eye of Terror that threatens the sector as well as investigate rumours of Ork and Eldar activities in the Sector.

Flesh is Weak


Clan Atticus of the Iron Hands

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