Alpha 12

Locals name of planet…

Planet type: Imperial- non hive city

Tithe Grade: Minorious

Technology Level: Earth circa 1940s

Planet description:
The planet is similar to earth, a large portion of the surface is sea. There are three main continents. The poles are ice caps.

The planet is mostly self governed, the Imperial Governor, called the Patriarch locally, has little involvement with the planets politics. His only care is for the tithes and his luxuries. He resides in the Summer Palace, this is a large complex on an island near the planets equator. The island is heavily fortified and protected by numerous guards.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has some influence on the planet. Mostly it is from running the nuclear power plants near the cities and several mine complexes they own. They also supply a lot of guards for the governor, and ship in many of the luxuries he loves.

The planet was found by the Imperium in M37, there existed a human population on the planet. There were multiple nation states who were on and off at war with each other. None of the factions took willingly to imperial rule, so the Imperial Guard were deployed along with elements of the iron hands chapter. The planet was quickly subjugated and the populace pledged allegiance to the golden throne.

Main cities:

Locations of Note:
Capital City
The Summer Palace
The Darkened Isle
Wasp Island
Outpost Gamma-41

Organisations of note:
The Grey Guard (PDF)

Main exports:
Steel wood
Guard Regiments

Main imports:

Alpha 12

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