Alpha 13

Alpha 13 is the second populated world in the Alpha-XIV system

Planet type: Imperial- non hive city

Tithe Grade: Minorious

Technology Level: Earth circa 1940s

Planet description:
The planet sits further from the star in this solar system than Alpha 13. The planet has no moons and has oddly large areas of swampland on the planet and few deep seas.

The planet like most in the Imperium has a governor ruling over the planet. Given the terrain of the planet the governor actually has very little power, but due to the very limit tithe on the planet little enforcement of imperial rule is required. The planet is viewed as having limited strategic value due to its low population and very limited exports.

The Adeptus Mechanicus has begun to gain interest in the planet after they found that the local built anti-gravity vehicles for transport. These were generally centred around fuel rigs which are used to pump up the tar from naturally occurring wells in the swamps. The locals seemed capable of building and maintaining these anti-gravity vehicles. Also the technology allowed vehicles to hover even when the vehicle had no power. These vehicles and the people who know how to make them are the nomads, who are not too keen on giving their secrets away. There have been many inquisitive Mechanicus personnel who have asked too many questions who have disappeared. There has been some limited success in obtaining some of the technological information, and the local forgeworld is one of the best at producing land speeders, and also produce a very small volume of chimeras with anti-gravity engines for the guard regiments raised on Alpha 12.

The Ecceleseriachy has several missions running on the planet, these are mostly poorly funding and generally run by zealous off-world preachers. Their are rumours of some very strong and dedicated sect to the Emperor forming on the planet, it is believed to be headed by one of the off-world preachers.

The planet was found by the Imperium in M37, at the same time as Alpha 12. The planet was easily brought into the Imperial fold as the population had little care as to who ruled, the population is highly nomadic and only a limited number of cities exist. These cities mostly exist on the few areas of solid ground that exist within the large areas of swampland. Both the polar regions support a small space port as well, but are only lightly populated to do the local harsh conditions in these areas.

Game rules:
When fighting in the swamp areas the following rules come into effect:

  • All infantry treat open terrain as difficult terrain
  • All infantry with a save of 3+ or better, count open terrain as dangerous terrain, as they are too heavy for the soft ground to support
  • No tracked, wheeled or walker vehicles can be used
  • Due to the generally poor weather conditions and heavy cloud cover aircraft cannot be used
  • No fortifications can be used, as the ground is too unstable to build on
  • See Dormar Swamp Guard for hover chimeras and sentinels designed for swamp combat

Main cities:

Locations of Note:
Olak – Only non-polar location with a space port, and largest city on the planet
Polar Nordo Station
Polar Sud Station

Organisations of note:
Dormar Swamp Guard

Main exports:
Guard Regiments
Small quantities of promethium

Main imports:

Alpha 13

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