40K: The Endless War

Upgrades and fresh recruits

Coggutz had to admit his new arm was good, and Murk wasn’t going to need it. There wasn’t much left of him apart from the arm. Seems like he had lost a few teeth though, damn death skull pain boyz.

Scramble his faithful grot oiler (who was permanently coloured blue after some accident with paint and a radiation leak) had managed to gather a lot of teef from the dead red caps. So he could afford to employ some of the “super snooty gang”, a bunch of freebooter orks who had recently landed on Primus Krang. They claimed nothing could put out more shots then them, he only hoped that it meant more shots hit the enemy too.

Seemingly the good fight he had with the tin boyz had attracted a load more red cap boyz to join him, and not want any teef! They just wanted a good punch up.

Coggutz wouldn’t be having to walk anywhere soon either, from the salvage he had gathered there was a beaten up ’umie trukk he had nurse back to life. He would be riding to victory soon.



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