40K: The Endless War

Rust and bolts it is

Gork was jealous

Coggutz was right to have taken some boys. He could see from blue pointy heads off in the distance from his trukk. Lucky he didn’t have a battle wagon, those pointy eared gitz love blowing them up.



With a rev of engines the Nobz of the red caps screamed victory calls at the top of there voices and drove right at the Eldar. A few moments later after several explosions a couple of wheels rolled back this way. Stupid Nobz, at least a few less teff to pay out. One of his shiny new trukks in front just reached the interchange, then a sound of much dakka it blew up.

Not from pointy eared gitz, but ’umies in armour. Things did not bode well for his trip. No worries time to annihilate those tin kans of the humies with Super Cog. Multiple blasta bolts, rokkits and shoota shells fell down upon them. Excellent thought coggutz, nothing can withstand Super Cog. The smoked cleared and there was not a scratch on the humies kans!!!

He then heard the glorious thunder of the Red Ace flying in. He had a taste for eldar. There was much Dakka and flying bodies of pointy ear gitz in the distance. Coggutz chuckled to himself. Then from a distance rokkits flew straight into the red ace ripping his plane to pieces. He thinks he saw the red ace being fired up into the air on his ‘patent pending’ fight another day chair.

Luckily the pointy gitz and the tin boyz didn’t seem to like each other and were shooting each over up. But there was no route through to ’ulux. He sent some boyz off to scout another way, along with da swoopy gang.

Unfortunately “da flanking man-ov-ar” didn’t go to plan. The tin boys had burna boys of their own. Da swoop gang were fried to a crisp. The boys with them faired better though, they taught those tin boys a lesson.

The pointy gitz seemed to be putting more fire power into the tin boyz and their invincible deff-dreads. They seemed invulnerable. There was also a tiny boy, much bigger than the rest that seem to shrug off or dodge the huge weight of firepower coming his way. Seemed like Gork made flesh. Though he had none of the cunning of Gork.


He sent off some of his boyz to go and fetch him some parts from one of th deft-dreads. He needed one of these!!! Then all the red cap boyz would follow him for no teef. Just for the glory of the fight. The pointy gitz seemed to ignore them, so they succeeded in getting into a good scrap with a deff dread and some tin boyz.

The flash gitz he had hired, were getting shot to pieces by the pointy gitz. He knew he should have offered to pay them after the fight. He’ll have to find some grots to go and get the teef back later.

The pointy gitz and tin boyz started a scrap, with the two bosses. The giant tin boy with one sweep of his urty hammer caused the pointy git boss to fly several metres. He didn’t look like he was going to get up from that. He was then proceeding to squish the rest of the pointy gitz. The rest of the red cap boyz gleefully charged into the melee, and the Nobz were disgorged from the Super Cogz belly. Time for a proper fight now.


Over at the over side of the field the boyz hunting the deff dread had killed off the tin boyz and were slowly being squished in the klaw of the dread. Thankfully through the heroic Nob, landed the final blow, ripping the head off the dread. Though he in turn was gunned down by another dread that had just finished squishing pointy gitz with meltas. Things didn’t look good.

The Nobz were then mowed down by gunfire from another dread with super shooty kannons. The Nobz rokkits did nothing. Things were looking grim. To cheer himself up Coggutz, burnt some flying pointy gitz for fun. It wasn’t a challenge, so he sent Super Cogz in. Wrenchy gleefully charged forward… but then he hammered the red button, with a massive surge of power Super Cog exploded.

Coggutz regretted putting in the self destruct button. Red buttons were too tempting for orks. If Mork had taught him anything was that tactical fall back was always valid, or was that a cowardly red axe boy? Who knows, but all these wasn’t worth some paint to paint something that had blown up. Coggutz and the burna boyz piled onto the last trukk and they raced away from the carnage behind.

“I’ll gitz me paint anudder day. An’ when i’z all red an’ shiny I’z coming fer ya tin boyz.”



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