40K: The Endless War


+ Report 319 +
Imperial Global News Report:
“Greeting viewers. More grave news today as more fatalities occur due to illegally fitted solar panels and wind turbines. Four children suffered severe first degree burns from being close to a faulty solar panel that had not received proper blessings. In similar news a 70 year old roofer was decapitated by a wind turbine. The turbine in question spun up to such high speeds that one of the blades came off and took the man’s head off.
This is a warning to all citizens, do not trust these “clean” energy advocates who are selling energy production not approved by the imperium. Non-imperium sanctioned produced goods are generally faulty and dangerous. Use imperium power, and trust in nuclear.
Keep safe citizens and remember, report any suspicious activity and all wind turbines and solar panels. Your keeping you and your neighbours safe."

Radio broadcast from unknown source
“Fellow concerned citizens, do not listen to the lies of the media. The media are in the pocket of the oppressive mechanicus. They seek to horde all technology and leave us wallowing in antiquity.
Clean energy is safe energy. No deaths have occurred, only deaths at the hand of the mechnanicum. They hide the truth of there power plants. Their precious nuclear power produces toxic waste. This waste mutates the mind and he body. They bury the toxic waste in the slums and the sea.
Why do we now see fish stocks dwindling? The mechanicus is to blame. Why are our young born sick and frail? The mechanicus is to blame. Why have we no freedom of choice for power and technology? The mechanicus is to blame.
People, choose clean, oppose those who would poison our children, and oppose those who would pollute our seas.
For the imperium and the emporer!”

Increases in leafleting with anti-mechanicus propaganda have occurred. No ill will to imperium currently exists. High probability this may change.

Solution, locate pirate radio station and printing facilities. Destroy and eliminate all involved. All heresy must be suppressed. Increase counter propaganda, and create positive image of mechanicus.

+ Report ends +



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