40K: The Endless War

Da paint job

Mork walks again

Coggutz hammer in the last “brain interface” spike into Wrenchy’s thick skull.

“Dat be you all inta-faced, now super Cog will walk an’ teach does humies o’s boss”

He climbed down a rickety ladder to admired his new Morkanaut, made to look like a giant version of Himself.

“Now rememberz, no pushing da red button!!!”

The Super Cog was missing something though, it was all gun metal and rust. It needed some red, lots of red. He knew just where to go, to the holy paint source. The giant structure called ‘ulux pain’. There he knew there was enough Imperial standard red, his favourite colour.

It should be an easy walk. No humies had been spotted around here for ages. He had some more red skull boyz and super snooty boys just in case though. Those humies always turned up where he least suspected.



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