40K: The Endless War

At what cost?

Invictus stood looking at the smoking wreck of the once proud city of Alpha-12. He had made a hard decision in levelling it, but the Orks had to be destroyed. He had engaged them with his small force, thinking they were only a small band of disorganised green skins, but he was wrong. It turns out their leader was well organised, intelligent and brutal. He destroyed Invictus’ force to almost the last man and only a few veterans managed to crawl away from the battlefield. His friend and loyal companion, Sergeant Hebron, was one of his troops that did not make it. Invictus watched him get torn asunder by the brutal fist of the enemy commander, but not before he took some green skins with him.

“The Orks will pay”, swore Invictus as he turned around and walked back to the command post. Captain Gabriel will need to bring reinforcements if this sector is to be held.



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