A land at peace for four score years. A land that has become complacent. A land that has fallen prey to a nefarious enemy. An enemy unseen and unknown but deadly none the less. A land of savage men who would rather die in battle for only a chance to gain entry to the great halls of Valhalla! The land of Morheim!

Long shadows draw in upon Morheim and the infernalists plot and scheme to swallow the hearts and minds of free men in every realm. But hope still exists to stave off the darkness. A group of men who have dedicated their lives to thrawting the goals of the infernals whereever they take root. From the magical mountain realms of Elfheim, home of the elves. To Jorknuul, The Jewel of Khemet, in the deep sands of the south. To Stonehiem, the very heart of Morheim!

May your mind be as sharp as your blade my friend. ~ Old Morheim Farewell.

The Endless War