Craftworld Kel'karun


Through hedonism and depravity, the Eldar gave birth to the Chaos God known as Slannesh and in M30 the Eldar Fell. An area of space almost twenty thousand light years across was engulfed in Chaos, which is now known as the Eye of Terror by the Imperium. Those Eldar at the centre of the eye were lost forever, but some of those living on the outskirts of the eye were lucky enough to survive, although forever scarred. Some of these refugees formed the Craftworld known as Kel’Karun – known to the Imperium as the Masters of the Hunt.

Kel’karun was born out of a single hatred for Chaos. The elite Eldar of this Craftworld have pledged their souls to hunt down and fight the endless wave of Chaos and other evil that attempts to engulf the Universe in the hope that, one day, the stem of chaos can be halted. There are even rumours among the Imperium that Eldar from this Craftworld have fought alongside Space Marines and Imperial Guardsman in the mutual fight against Chaos, although chroniclers have yet to find a human willing to admit to this Heresy.

The Craftworld numbers around 700,000 Eldar; small for a Craftworld, and the majority of these belong to the various Eldar aspects which are formed into Houses, with a central ruling house called House Farasian (translated as heavenly seers) that governs the World. The majority of the world comprises temperate forest with plains and some large mountain ranges. The Eldar have populated the planet with plenty of animals for hunting and food, which they supplement with arable farming that they can then sell to traders. They also trade directly with other Craftworlds for much needed technology and components that they cannot produce on their own world. House Farasian is also keen on the acquisition of artifacts and knowledge, however such rare items and information are costly.

The majority of the Craftworld’s inhabitants follow the Path of the Warrior and are fiercely loyal to their House. The few guardians that do exist on the Craftworld belong to the governing House, however their assignment is temporary whilst their skills are discerned and they are then given the great honour of joining one of the Aspect Houses. The only exception to this is those Guardians that go on to become Rangers – elite scouts that answer directly to House Farasian. These troops are not Aspect warriors and their primary purpose is to scout for Chaos incursions and report back to the Craftworld.

House Farasian is also responsible for arranging traditional tournaments between Houses and bestows glory and honour upon the great warriors that triumph. In doing this, the Houses remain alert, in peak condition and are known among the Eldar for being some of the fieriest and best trained troops ever to see combat. Any Eldar from Kel’karun is willing to die in pursuit of the destruction of Chaos.

The house of Craftworld Kel’Karun include:

House Farasian – The House of the Heavenly Seers – Warlocks and Farseers and Crimson Hunters and Jetbikes
House Baruth – The House of Rushing Air – Swooping Hawks and Howling Banshees
House Istaur’ra – The House of Silent Souls – Wraithguard, Wraith Knights and Wraithlords
House Mandras – The House of Hidden Death – Striking Scorpions and Warp Spiders
House Arath’Morenn – The House of Destruction made Manifest – Dark Reapers and Fire Dragons
House Asur-Camion – The House of Avenging Angels – Dire Avengers

Craftworld Kel'karun

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