40K: The Endless War


Jazz Coggutz had got to the site of the convoy wreckage as quickly as he could. Damn Skinface had refused to loan him his battle wagon after the last incident, so he had to go on foot. He smiled as he saw the remains of all the vehicles and cargo he could salvage. This would be a good haul for parts for his project. The fly boyz had done a good job of blasting the humies to bits.

Then what little existed of his heart sunk. He saw tin can humies nearby, probably after his scrap. Good he had brought the red-cap boyz with him. He kicked a grot nearby.


“Goes and start loading up da bitz, Murk and ‘is boyz will keep the tinny’s occupied” ordered Coggutz. A large ork next to him, who must be Murk smiled and let out a low rumbling chuckle.

“Dez gonna regretz comin’ ’ere” grumbled Murk. He flexed his power klaw, imagining he was squishing a humie. The burna boyz around Coggutz lit up their burnas in prep for turning the tinny’s to salvage. The red-caps in their trukks revved forward towards the enemy, then the shells started raining down.

A few moments later…

The force field weathered most of the storm of gunfire coming in, but the fire coming from the dredd was punishing. Coggutz flinched as another one of his loyal burna boyz was turned to a bloody paste. He turned a few dials on his force field control to boost it up a bit, he needed some boyz left to help with the building later. Why didn’t they shoot more at the red-caps, he was going to pay all those teef for them to soak up the damage.

Then out of nowhere there was a whoosh and thud as flying humies crashed into their midst. A bellowing warcry in the humie language was yelled at them. They seemed to be carrying funny glowing shields, but there was only 5 of them. Coggutz chuckled, this would be easy. One got a roasting as they landed, a burna on full to the face. The melee was then in full swing. The humies turned out to be tough nuts to crack, the glowing shields seemed invulnerable to his claw, and slowly his boyz were dropping.

Just in the distance there was an explosion as one of the red cap war trukks exploded and orks were flung in all directions. Pitiful few of them got back up again. The remaining ones picked themselves up and ran back to Coggutz to help him out. The other red cap boyz had found a good scrap with some other tin boyz a distance away.


With the help of the red cap boyz the glowing shield humies started to drop, but they took a real pounding. Just one remained who seemed to be a machine, he ducked, parried and fought like a daemon. Then Gurd the red cap nob managed to clock him proper in the head with the butt of his slugga. He then went night night. Time to deal with the others.

Turned out that dread was still going and began to mow down the rest of the red cap boyz with him. Looked like the other boyz had engaged the enemy mek boy. He had some weird power klaw on his back. He needed one of those.

In not too long all the red cap boyz lay dead, it was just Coggutz and Murk. Murk bellowed a huge Waaagh and charged straight at the dread, with one swipe of his klaw he ripped it open and it clattered to the ground. Coggutz felt optimistic about getting more scrap until the balls of plasma vapourized big chunks of Murk, and he fell over slowly. It didn’t look good for Coggutz, he fired off a couple of shots, but then he started to get hit by plasma bolts from the strange looking mek boy. Then alarms from his suit started ringing and his arm had a numb feeling.

Then his emergency teleporta kicked in. He blacked out.

Later he awoke to see a grot staring at him.

“You’se alive boss. We got all da scrap you asked for. Lots of scrap. Had to run off when the metal humies came. Da job got done!” Squeaked the grot.

“Noes red-caps to pay either, all went well…” Croaked Coggutz. He didn’t feel good, but his arm no longer felt numb. He then noticed his was in Stabby Rustnail’s hut…



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